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Wolverton Road, Castlethorpe, MK19 7ES


52.089907939949, -0.81752350029453

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Reactive Dog Friendly *

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6ft or 1.8m

Fencing notes

Suitable for smaller dogs


Dedicated Parking 100m


2 to 4 acres


From £5/ 30 minutes

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Remember to bring your own water

About This Field

Castlethorpe Secure Dog Walking field is a beautiful 3 acre field 5 miles outside Central Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.

Booking and Accessing Castlethorpe Secure Dog Walking Field

Booking for this field is currently on request via Facebook messenger and requires a BACS payment. You’ll get confirmation from the owner and several documents including terms and conditions and instructions on how to find the field. It’s important that you read these to find the entrance!

Finding the field is easy if you read the instructions provided – either use these or the W3W we have listed to locate the entrance to the parking area. Do not follow the postcode.

There is parking for several cars and plenty of space to turn around. You can close the gate to the road but this area is not secure. It is fenced with 3ft stock fencing with top wire but it must be considered that there is livestock present in the adjacent fields, and there is a public footpath that crosses the car park. For these reasons, the owner instructs that all dogs must be kept on a lead until inside the secure area.

To access the field from the car park, you need to walk approximately 100m from the car park up a field track to the gate. The gate is not locked so you can get straight in here.

What is Castlethorpe Secure Dog Field Like?

This is a lovely field – gently undulating from the top of the field down to a wooded area – the grass is rough pasture and consequently uneven under foot so not suitable for anyone unsure on their feet or for prams but offers a lovely country walk feel.

There are some fabulous mature trees, a copse and plenty of natural features that mean it’s perfectly possible to create your own walk and be occupied for the full 75 minutes we chose.

There’s a bench at the bottom out of the wind (it can be a bit blustery at the entrance area) and under the trees – even during our visit when it was quite warm the dogs had plenty of places to play out of direct sun which is a blessing in the summer months.

There are two waste bins – one outside the secure gate and one on the fence that surrounds the copse.

There is a boundary along the road but it is well set back and the hedges are filling out which will provide further screening. There are a number of things that reactive dogs owners should be aware of – see notes below.

Is Castlethorpe Dog Walking Field Secure?

The fencing at Castlethorpe is small aperture 6ft dog field fencing and is well installed with no areas of slack or baseline holes or breaches. The lower-level fencing that lines the track to and from the parking area is equally well installed.

The gate to the field is a large welded mesh agricultural gate, with some wooden trim on either side. There are gaps between the wooden panels on the edging to the gate and this could be an area of concern for people with small dogs who are prone to escape.

Because of the copse in the middle, there are times when your dog may be out of site so as always, we suggest a recce around the perimeter before releasing your dog (easier said than done we know!).

Things you should know about Castlethorpe Secure Dog Field

  • This is a lovely part of the world and you’d have no idea you were just a few miles from a very big town
  • The local village has a superb local shop if you are looking for a snack and drink and there are plenty of dog friendly pubs along the canal in the area

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners

Whilst this is a wonderful field in a countryside setting, there are a number of things that owners of reactive dogs should be aware of before choosing to visit Castlethorpe:

  • There is a public footpath that runs through the car park. It may not be used but it is there and there is a stile – users may not be aware of the facility or the likelihood of dogs present
  • The 100m lead walk to the secure area may be challenging if you have more than one dog or they are very excitable
  • As with all fields where parking is external, there is a chance of physical cross-over despite owners best efforts to avoid this scenario – with a field of this size and a significant lead walk to the car, you may wish to use the last 15 minutes of your session to return to your car and load to avoid any chance of bumping into other dog owners
  • The field shares a fence with a pony paddock (disinterested horses if you are looking for a training opportunity)
  • The field has roads on 2 sides and a junction – cars and lorries are currently visible through the hedge (spring) but I suspect that this will fill out in summer. The roads are not very busy but are regularly used

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* We only list fields as reactive friendly following a visit because reactivity means different things to different dogs! Details can be found on each review in the yellow section. Listed fields field may be suitable for reactive dogs, but we have just not had the chance to verify this.


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