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Puxley Road, MK19 6JB


52.060547335015, -0.89987084625116


Field Details

BDF Reviewed

Reactive Dog Friendly *

See notes


6ft or 1.8m

Fencing notes

Narrow aperture (small dog suitable)

Secure In-Field Parking


In-field – several cars


2 to 4 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

10 min


From £4.50-£16 (session duration and number of dogs)

Buggy Accessible

Max Number Dogs





BDF Accredited

About This Field

Deanshanger Dog Walking Field is a fabulous secure grass paddock located a few miles outside Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire. It has 6 foot fencing and gate and offers 2 acres of flat, easy access space to run.

Booking and Accessing Deanshanger Dog Walking Field

Booking the dog field at Deanshanger is via an easy to use online booking system – you chose the number of dogs you will be bringing, then the session length you want and that opens your options as to what sessions are available for you to chose from.

As this field is located just outside a really busy town, it is booked well in advance so if you have a specific session you wish to attend, make sure you plan ahead.

Once you’ve booked, you’ll get a booking confirmation and some instructions for parking etc.

The parking is a standout feature of this field with wide gated access from the road and plenty of space to park and turn around and is levelled with road chipping.

What is Deanshanger Dog Walking Field Like?

This field is especially good for those not so sure underfoot. Whilst it’s not like a lawn, it is very level and easy to get around the whole field.

One of the nice things about this field is the views over the open countryside – it has a lovely quiet position on the outskirts of a village and looks out across fields with mature hedges and trees.

The field itself has plenty of features for dogs to get busy with – some basic agility equipment suitable for all sizes of dogs which is nice to see. There are some natural features and a great sandpit which is always a favourite with our dogs.

There is a well positioned field shelter which gives visibility over the entire field and is just a few steps from the car park area for those visitors who need access to seating.

Due to the vista and shape of the field, it feels far bigger than its 2 acres which is unusual for a flat paddock and the benefit of the space in the car park really can’t be overstated.

Is Deanshanger Dog Walking Field Secure?

Deanshanger field is secured to 6ft with high tensile otter fencing – the posts and strainers have been professionally installed and the gate is very wide and made from 6ft high weld mesh. The gate is flush with the ground and the field is inspected daily which is evident from the cleanliness, absence of holes and any debris. There are no weak points in the perimeter that we could find on close inspection.

Things You Should Know About Deanshanger Dog Walking Field

  • This field is really great for anyone who is using a walking aid – the field shelter (with seating) is close to the car park so if you have any elderly or infirm friends or family members who like to come and enjoy a dog walk, this is a great spot
  • This field is a family run farm diversification project and has been maintained to very high standards since it first opened
  • This was the first secure dog walking field to receive full accreditation from British Dog Fields in Buckinghamshire

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners

  • There is livestock around two sides of the field – at time of reviewing there were sheep in the field and it states on the website that there are also horses that use this field occasionally – the sheep are disinterested in barking dogs so this can be used as a training opportunity
  • There is a well used bridleway to one edge and which is screened – there are plans to add an additional physical buffer in the future
  • The gate is not screened at present but we understand there are plans to install screening



1 review for “REVIEW: Deanshanger Secure Dog Walking Field, Deanshanger

  1. Jacki Topiol

    I’ve used this field a few times for my 2 lurchers (1 is dog & human reactive).

    Well fenced and nice that you can drive into the field itself and let the dogs straight out of the car. There are sheep in the adjacent field (that take no notice of the dogs). Mine seem to know there’s no way they can get to them so just ignore them.

    The field is flat so good for my crazy boy who loves to run.

    For reactive dogs, the only downside is that the lane that the entrance gate is on is a popular dog walking route. The gate was not screened off the last time I went.

    I give this field 4 stars overalll.

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