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Whilst each dog field has it’s own character dictated by location and environment, there are some things that every dog field needs. We’ve tried and tested a lot of products and suppliers over the years and there are just some things that are better than others.

What we’ve done here is compile a list (which is regularly updated as new or better products, services and suppliers enter the market) of things that you might find useful for your dog field. We’ve done the hard bit (the research and the testing) and we’ve explained our choices here so you can choose the best options to suit you.

If you are a supplier of products or services utilised by dog fields and the dog businesses we feature at and you think you can do better than any of the recommendations we make, please get in touch! You can email – we’re always looking for the best products, services and suppliers to support the dog field industry.

Booking Systems

There are a growing number of off-the-shelf-booking systems on the market.

When we build booking systems for dog field owners, we currently use SimplyBook – there are a number of reasons for this – some techy, some practical, some financial.

On balance, we feel that it’s the most user-friendly dashboard for day-to-day use; it has the most useful features and add-ons to supplement a dog field business specifically; and perhaps most importantly, it has excellent customer service. 

The number and variety of features the Simplybook team are adding is another bonus – they’re a small company when compared to the other main players in this game. They are agile and can react fast meaning that where a feature you want is missing and the demand exists, they build it, test it, then add it in to the options. SimplyBook are also the only European company in our top three recommendations.

Lastly, and importantly in the current economic climate, SimplyBook offers better value than its competitors in our opinion.

If you want to try SimplyBook click the link below for a completely free trial, no obligation and no payment or cards needed up front.

The Other Players

The other players in our top 3 in this market are:

Acuity Scheduling (AKA Squarespace Scheduling) and Wix Scheduling.

Acuity / Squarespace Scheduling

Acuity have been around a long time and were acquired by the website giant Squarespace in 2019. Acuity is arguably a little easier to set up than SimplyBook which may appeal to some.

There have been a number of issues with the payment portal in 2022 which has caused some pain for users and whilst problems like this affect every provider from time to time, the current issues have been enough to see some dog field owners jump ship. 

Wix Scheduling

The jury is out but we will report back after we’ve had a chance to really test our ‘Sample Site’.

The Wix service is more expensive when compared like for like, but as a relatively new entrant to the market place, we have high hopes that this service will balance ease of set-up with high levels of service and add-ons.

All systems have their limitations and flaws. You can of course have a completely custom booking system designed by a web engineer but it’ll cost you a pretty penny and I am not convinced it would ever be worth it with such excellent off-the-shelf offerings.

Other Products, Services and Suppliers

This list is ever growing and we’re enjoying finding and testing out products, services and suppliers that are useful, good quality and add benefit to dog fields. Below you’ll find our up to date list of recommendations. Where there are no recommendations listed, rest assured, we are testing and researching! It’s important to us that the recommendations we make are really good for your business.

Pet Waste Collection

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Pet Waste Solutions – UK wide, hassle free collection service – Read all about getting rid of your dog field waste here . For a quote from Pet Waste Solutions, visit call 01580 857012 or email for more information. 


  • Fencing Contractors
  • Waste Bins
  • Seed Supplies 
  • Agility Equipment
  • Poo Bags
  • Gate locks and Padlocks
  • Field Shelters

Again, if you are a supplier of any of the above or other products or services utilised by dog fields and the dog businesses please email us.

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