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Grounds Farm, Buckingham, MK18 5DP


52.012734330776, -1.0431723959998


Field Details

BDF Reviewed

Reactive Dog Friendly *

See notes


Over 6ft

Fencing notes

Deer fencing (see images with ball for scale)


Private parking, outside of the field


1 to 2 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

10 min


£10 / 50 minutes

Regular User Discounts

Max Number Dogs

Not stated




About This Field

Review: February 2023

Grounds Farm Dog Field is a secure dog field located 5 miles from Brackley and just 3 miles from Buckingham. It’s approximately 1-1.5 acres and is situated on a gentle hill.

Booking and Accessing Grounds Farm Dog Field

Booking is via a secure website and is straight forward – the terms and conditions are easily found on the website – sessions are in 50 minute blocks allowing a 10 minute buffer between customers.

Locating the field using Google Maps or What3Words takes you to the farm entrance – the dog field is just a few meters up the track on the left hand side.

This field has a large parking area outside the field and dogs must be kept on leads until securely inside the fenced area.

The field itself is accessed through a pedestrian gate adjacent to the car park.

What is Grounds Farm Secure Dog Field Like?

Grounds Farm Secure Dog Field is a grassy paddock in a farm setting. It’s on a gentle slope and is easy to get around. There are a few enrichment activities around the field some of which we weren’t thrilled to see – see images. The crate ‘towers’ posed a real concern to us as it would be extremely easy for a dog to fall through and injure themselves and the tyres were extremely deep with no filling.

The field is in a nice location.

There is a bin for disposing of dog waste.

Is Grounds Farm Secure Dog Field Secure?

The fencing is 1.9m and the gate is a 1.8m galvanised deer gate (pedestrian).

You can see from the photographs that the fencing graduates with smaller holes at the bottom and larger at the top. At the time of our visit the fencing had an area where the holes were much larger so if you have small dogs you should check the fence for suitability before letting them run free.

The gate itself is good but has a little room underneath for smaller escape artists but the siding has some much larger gaps (see images).

For these reasons, if you have smaller dogs that are prone to escape, this field would need inspection before you let a dog loose.

A Few Things to know about Grounds Farm Secure Dog Field

  • This field has been set up on a working farm and as a result, there are farm activities happening around the field
  • There is a residence close to the top fence and this is elevated above the field so dogs can see

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners:

  • There was a dog roaming within site of the field during our visit so if you have a particularly reactive dog, it may be best to contact the field owner prior to visiting to check if there will be dogs around

Photos: © British Dog Fields



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