Business Documents and Templates for Dog Fields

Business Documents and Templates for Dog Fields

When it comes to the business-end of setting up a dog field, things can get a little intimidating.

I know that when I first started looking into insurance and booking sites and how to protect my customer’s data I got a little bit nervous – I just wanted to open a field with a fence around it so people could safely exercise their dogs – this was all getting so complicated!

Fear not – it’s not as complicated as you think but it’s important to get it right both for your legal protection, and the protection of your customers – as well as making everything run smoothly day to day.

All the resources you need

On this page, you’ll find a suite of useful business documents and templates that you can use both when you’re setting up your business, and to help with the day to day running. If there is something you are looking for that isn’t yet available, please use the form below to register your interest in being the first to know about future additions.

Terms and Conditions Template

I get asked a lot about Terms and Conditions so working with our legal advisors, we developed this download that you can customise for your booking site and emails.

Once you’ve purchased the Terms and Conditions Template, we’ll send you a link which you can download and edit with your business details.

We will issue updates in line with current advice (think COVID!) relating to dog fields and their use. Click the link below to purchase this template.

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