Walcott Dog Park, Walcott [REVIEW]



Rookery Farm Road, Walcott, NR12 0PE


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April 6, 0024

Reactive Dog Friendly *

Yes – see notes

Single field site


6ft or 1.8m

Secure In-Field Parking

Parking Arrangements



Gated parking area (not secure – see notes)


1 to 2 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

10 min


From £10 for 50min

Max Number Dogs



Pond or StreamPaddockActivities


About This Field

Walcott Dog Park is 3 acre secure dog field just a few minutes drive from the beach front at Walcott – a popular dog friendly area on the Norfolk Coast.

What is Walcott Dog Park Like?

Walcott Dog Park is a combination of dog field and sand pit and feels a lot larger than 1.5 acres! We visited in April and there was quite a sizable ‘splash zone/ pond’ for the dogs to play in – we don’t know if this is a year-round feature as we have seen pictures with the pond area drained but it provided our dogs with a lot of entertainment and was particularly good for our girl who doesn’t like to swim but loves to paddle.

There is a field shelter with bench at the car park end of the field and there is a water bowl and bottles of water but this was already empty by the time we arrived at lunchtime on a Saturday so bring your own water.

The field rises up and away front the pond are to a really well drained grassy paddock with some well positioned activities for medium sized dogs upwards.

Is Walcott Dog Park Secure?

The parking area is fenced, but it’s not secure at around 3ft (90cm). The gate is an agricultural style gate with no netting at all and is only a few meters set back from the road so if you have dogs that explore they should be kept on the lead until inside the field itself. The car parking gate is not locked so it is possible that the next customer could open this and park inside.

There is a pedestrian gate that is padlocked to access the field and once inside the field is well fenced to 1.8m (approximately 6ft). There is one area of concern for anyone with a small dog at the far end where the fencing rolls join and the fence has spaces that are over 10cm wide. This is no concern for many dog owners but it is important for anyone with a small dog or puppy.

Booking and Accessing Walcott Dog Park

Booking was easy and the set up is very simple – 50 minutes session, 10 minute buffer, £10. The secure booking system was easy to use and the reminders and gate code came as expected.

The car parking is straight forward and the gates are easy to use. There was a lot of space to turn or parking for additional cars within the fenced area – as mentioned above – just be careful not to assume this is exclusive in-field parking.

There is a pub directly opposite with basic camping facilities and is dog friendly. There is also another facility for camping next door (allowing 2 welbehaved dogs per pitch) for motorhomes, caravans and trailer tents (not tents).

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