Unleash the Dogs Secure Dog Parks – Newton Field, Uddingston



Blantyre Farm Road, Glasgow, G71 7RN


55.828328289837, -4.1022661397447


Field Details

Reactive Dog Friendly *



6ft or 1.8m

Parking Arrangements

Parking outside field gate


On site parking, outside the field entrance gate


2 to 4 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

5 min


From £6.50 for 30min

Max Number Dogs

Depends on booking but 8 dogs max in total




Other Features

Sensory garden, picnic benches, agility equipment

About This Field

Unleash the Dogs Secure Dog Parks has 4 fields in the Glasgow area:

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1 review for “Unleash the Dogs Secure Dog Parks – Newton Field, Uddingston

  1. Robert Oliphant

    I can only write this from our own dogs perspective.
    They aren’t reactive, etc just a couple of dogs who enjoy the freedom of a gallop.
    So from that perspective for a Deerhound cross and and a Jack Russell, these fields are perfect.

    They aren’t particularly interested in the sensory garden or the agility features,
    they just want to run and chase their balls,
    and for an 18 month old DX,
    that is a big thing,
    he doesn’t do recall so the only time he’s off the lead apart from our garden (decent sized but not a field!) is this weekly session,
    and Newton Field gives him ample sapce to get up an impressive speed!

    Lots of sniffs for both dogs,
    occasionally you find poo from a previous customer,
    but only occasionally.

    Whilst, there are two fields on this site, the Clyde one is a good 50 yards away, separated from the Newton by an unused grass field.
    So you are aware of dogs in the other field but shouldn’t impact on you if your dog is reactive, nervous etc,
    sufficient ditance away?

    If you are waiting to enter for your slot,
    you may find yourself parked next to a car with those waiting for the other field,
    however, I think they stagger the slots so that both fields are 5 minutes apart in their start/finish,
    so that should be rare?

    I think the thing that most impresses me about the owners is they listen and respond to customers comments/queries,
    I’ve struck up a good (online) rapport with them over the year we’ve been going here.

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