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6ft or 1.8m

Fencing notes

Tornado fencing

Secure In-Field Parking

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Exclusive In-field Parking


Drive in with plenty of additional parking


4 to 10 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

10 min

Fresh Water


from £12 (Weekdays) £14 (Weekends)

Buggy Accessible

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About This Field

The Adventure Field is one of two secure fields from South Acres, just a couple of miles outside Darlington, County Durham. At a whopping 7.5 acres – this is one of the largest fields in the area.

Both fields are fenced to 6ft with the Tornado Dog Field fencing which is a narrow gauge, high tensile fence designed specifically for secure dog fields.

Booking and Accessing The Adventure Field at South Acres

Booking is really straight forward via a secure website – you can book either a weekend session (£14) or a weekday session (£12) – for up to 7 dogs (more on request). Professional users are welcome and must make contact with the owner to discuss requirements.

Finding South Acres is very easy, just a few miles out of Darlington and well sign posted from the road – the access is very wide and takes you into an enormous car park area where you can wait out of sight of the fields if you are early. You access the Adventure field (there is a sign by each field) by a large 6ft steel vehicle gate – drive in, close the gate behind you and you are secure in an airlock area where you can contain your dogs before letting them into the main field. Space is designated here for one car but two may be possible with careful manoeuvring.

What is South Acres Adventure Field Like?

Unlike may paddocks, South Acres has more of a meadow feel with slightly rolling land that provides much more interest than a paddock. The fencing is really well installed and three sides of the field are bordered by mature hedgerows eliminating any normal countryside distractions. The remaining fence looks over a 12 metre buffer zone between this and the training paddock which has equestrian screening on the 6ft fence obscuring any view between the fields.

Once you’re in the field, there is a smaller enclosure (4ft fencing) where you can let you dog out and encourage ablutions! This saves hunting in the main field which at 7.5 acres is a large area.

The main Adventure Field is squar-ish which means it feels larger than it’s acreage and a perimeter walk will provide a really good warm up for the most athletic dogs.

Close to the entrance, there is a play area with logs, tyres, a sand pit (play-safe sand) and a field shelter.

We are aware that there are plans to create additional activities for the dogs in this field as well as use the natural contours to make meandering paths through the grasses when summer comes.

When your session has come to an end, there is a very welcome and well thought out wash down area complete with hose and shower attachment for dogs and boots.

Is South Acres Adventure Field Secure?

The fencing in the Adventure Field is installed to a very high standard using treated posts, Tornado wire specifically designed for dog fields and really well designed gates and entrance areas. The mesh is tight, heavy gauge meaning that it is also suitable for small dogs.

The field is inspected daily and there are no obstacles near any of the fences.

Things you should know about South Acres

  • South Acres was the first dog field in County Durham to be awarded with British Dog Fields Accreditation – this assures users that this field is run and maintained to the highest standards
  • South Acres is run by a local family who have always been involved with farming in the area and have strong community involvement
  • In the design and construction of this field, care was taken to make a positive environmental impact with the planting of thousands of young trees and completely avoid any disturbance of the surrounding mature native hedgerows.

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners

Great care has been taken to cater for the needs of reactive dogs however there are two fields on this site – a considerable screened buffer exists between them and with the extensive planting that has taken place, the visual and sound distraction has been limited. This is unlikely to be an issue for all but the most sensitive dogs.

If you have a particularly reactive dog we suggest making contact with the owner prior to booking to arrange to visit so you can assess the facility.

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