Kingsley Dog Field, Kingsley



Blossom Hill Stables, Mill Lane, Kingsley, Frodsham, WA6 8JA


53.268947487654, -2.653466463089


Reactive Dog Friendly *

Horses in adjacent field


6ft or 1.8m

Fencing notes

Deer fencing

Secure In-Field Parking

Parking Arrangements

Exclusive In-field Parking


1 to 2 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

5 min


From £11/ 55 minutes

Max Number Dogs




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* We only list fields as reactive friendly following a visit because reactivity means different things to different dogs! Details can be found on each review in the yellow section. Listed fields field may be suitable for reactive dogs, but we have just not had the chance to verify this.


2 reviews for “Kingsley Dog Field, Kingsley

  1. Lou

    Kingsley dog field , well done on 3 rd place , my dogs love it here , it’s peaceful a great size , seating areas one undercover , and a fair price per hour , there is agility on the field tyres to play with and a box of balls frisbee’s & toys your dogs can use whilst there , horses across from the field & chickens at the top which I personally feel for dogs who haven’t seen them before (like mine) it’s good to let them look and smell the air then go off and continue to play , thanks Lauren

  2. Lou

    Congratulations Off your lead ! This is also in a quiet place , my dogs love to run around playing Ball , there isn’t anything in this part of the secure field for dogs to play with , but they have fresh cold running water and a shelter with a bench , a couple of my dogs are nervous reactive , so they love running around free and there isn’t anything to make them nervous nearby , in the summer it’s full sun, but trees line the top part so you and your dogs can get in the shade , this is slightly dearer than some as they go on the amount of dogs

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