Why Do We Exist?

Why Do We Exist?

Because Dogs.

For Dog Owners

We felt that there was a real need for a comprehensive resource for people looking for secure dogs fields and more importantly, making sure that when owners turn up at facilities they can be assured that they are getting what they expect – not everyone needs the security of 6ft deer fencing and a drive-in parking area, but if this is something you require then turning up to a stock fenced field with a simple agricultural gate and adjacent livestock would be very disappointing. We have been there many times!

At British Dog Fields we have set out strict parameters by which we grade each field we review. You will see where we have personally visited fields which are listed as ‘VERIFIED’ and others which are ‘ACCREDITED’ and have subscribed to the British Dog Fields Accreditation Scheme. These fields have worked with us to provide the best facilities – accreditation is not awarded until strict standards have been met and recommendations have been considered or adopted in a longer term strategy. This is all with the focus on improving industry standards and safety for dogs.

We Visit Incognito!

It’s important that on our first visit to a field we are incognito – we go through the entire process from booking, to arriving on the day, assessing everything as if we were viewing through your eyes. This enables us to remain entirely independent and unbiased.

For Field Owners

Setting up a dog walking facility ‘legally’ is essential for the safety and security of your customers. Many people choose simply to open fields without considering the legal requirements – planning permissions; access; insurances; and health and safety. Many believe this to be an unnecessary step in opening a business of this nature but it is critical.

Not only do you risk long term issues with the local planning authorities but prosecution if something happens in your facility and you are not running your business correctly. Dog fields are not a side-hustle that should be undertaken without proper preparation, planning and declaration.

You also need to consider fully the safety of both dogs and humans – checking everything from poisonous vegetation to the risks associated with providing activities areas, agility equipment and the like. You also need to be aware of access requirements, local restrictions and a whole host of other important factors that could get you in hot water if you choose to ignore them.

This is intimidating to navigate for many but we can help guide you through the process through our accreditation scheme and if you are entirely new to the dog field game, through our consultancy – an investment that could save you a fortune in the long run.

Once you are established, we can also assist with marketing – helping you get the very most out of your business.

Please contact us with any questions you might have – we’re happy to help!