What is British Dog Fields Membership?

What is British Dog Fields Membership?

Is British Dog Fields Membership a Trade Association?

Yes and no – yes it’s a bunch of people operating in the same (very niche) business but no, we’re not here to prescribe how things are done or legislate and hold you accountable.

British Dog Fields Membership is about providing information, offering support, and sharing the knowledge and experience our team has in setting up and running dog fields and canine-related farm diversifications.

British Dog Fields Membership offers different things to different people but you can think of it as a library, with classrooms, a café, meeting rooms and a farm shop! I think of it as an information ‘hub’.

The main objectives of British Dog Fields Membership are:

1) Help you as an individual field operator run a successful and robust business

2) Help you steer through any challenges you might face

3) Help the industry as a whole improve and prosper

What Membership Means to you:

For The Seasoned Dog Field Owner

You’ve been running a successful dog field for several years and it’s going fine – it might even be going great! However, there’s no escaping the fact that competition has risen in recent years and customers are attracted by things that are new and shiny – British Dog Fields Membership will lead you to lots of resources that will help you – from freshening up your facilities (without spending a fortune or making your field look like Steptoe’s yard), to really keeping up with the Jones – providing the kind of facility that discerning dog field users have come to expect.

You might also be considering expanding your business and are looking at the various ways you can do that – from developing new fields to providing more services to your existing customers. We can walk you through the options open to you and show you examples, guiding you through the process in the articles in your library.

For New Dog Field Operators (>12 months)

Are you in the first flushes of dog field ownership and discovering that it’s not quite as easy as you thought?

Maybe you’d like to know how to fix some issues you’ve been having and figure out how to avoid any future unintended problems arising.

The marketing you do in the early days is really different from the ‘maintenance marketing’ you do as a more established dog field and it’s easy to spend time (and money) engaging in ineffective marketing and advertising efforts.

However well you are doing, we have courses and regularly updated articles to keep you on the right track without expending unnecessary energy.

For Those Planning Their First Dog Field (pre-opening membership)

You might be a dreamer or you might be in the serious planning phases of setting up a secure dog walking field. One thing that we have learned over the years is that this is the stage where most of the expensive (and tricky to change) mistakes are made.

Setting up a successful dog field used to be luck – now it requires a lot more effort and understanding of the market, the planning system and possibly in the not-to-distant future, the world of regulation and business operations.

Pre-Opening Membership is a one-off membership fee. Once you have opened your field, you are invited to join as a New Owner. New Owners graduate to Established Owners after 12 full months of operation.

To Apply For British Dog Fields Membership:

Whatever stage you’re at as a dog field owner, we have built a hub we hope you’ll find really helpful and that will help you run your fields better and ultimately, make you more successful.

If you’re interested in applying to become a British Dog Fields Member, please complete the (very simple) form here and we’ll be in touch to arrange a call to chat about your field.

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