What Is A Secure Dog Walking Field?

What Is A Secure Dog Walking Field?

Having rescued two young puppies in France, we returned to the UK with high hopes for carefree walks, play-dates with other dogs and a life of canine adventures! That isn’t how things panned out and as we slowly exposed them to new experiences, we realised that they were quite fearful despite our gentle efforts to socialise them. As well as recruiting trainers, we wanted somewhere completely safe to exercise them as well as train them. That’s when we heard about secure dog walking fields and we set about finding out everything we could about these facilities.

A dog walking field is a space you can hire on an exclusive basis to exercise or train your dog. Typically they are enclosed with substantial fencing which is either 6ft+ (180cm+), 5ft (150cm) or 4ft (120cm) in height. Whilst they are commonly called dog fields or dog parks, they may be grassy, woodland or meadows.

Dog Walking Fields in the UK and Ireland

Dog fields aren’t a new concept. There are a few that have been in existence for decades and most were originally established as training facilities and exercise areas for working and service dogs. However, in recent years many more have appeared and now primarily cater for daily dog walking and exercise as well as training.

There are a variety of dog fields and it’s important to consider what type you are looking for as they offer very different levels of security, facilities and practicalities. It can be confusing so we have defined them into three categories:

What is a Secure Dog Walking Field?

Secure dog walking fields should have a sturdy fence – at least 6ft (1.8m) all round, including any gates.

What is an Enclosed Dog Walking Field?

Enclosed fields are often fenced with simple livestock fencing which is around 4ft (1.2m). This is sufficiently secure for some dogs but small dogs may find it easy to escape through the larger holes in the wire (aperture) and many larger dogs can easily jump a 4ft fence. We also include fences up to 5ft 11″ in this category as most dog field users that are looking for ‘secure dog fields’ expect fences to be at least 6ft in height.

What is a Private Dog Walking Field or Area?

Private dog fields are simply unsecured areas that are rented for exclusive use. There are some landowners letting unused land to dog walkers and this is where this category would fall.

You can use the filter function on this website to choose which type of field, or what minimum fence height you require:

What Is The Cost of Hiring a Dog Field?

Dog fields are typically available to hire from 20 minutes up to several hours and cost between £3 and £30 per hour. Many offer regular-user discounts and special rates for professional dog walkers and trainers.

How Can I Find a Dog Park or Secure Dog Field Near Me?

There are over 1500 dog fields in the UK and more opening weekly so if you can’t find one near you just yet, there will be one soon!

You can find a list of the dog walking fields we have visited (and those awaiting a visit) here or browse the complete map of dog walking fields in the UK and Ireland:

Our visits are incognito (secret shopper) so the reviews you see here are impartial and made with a checklist of points that each and every field is subject to.

If you are in a Facebook group for dog owners or you know a behaviourist or trainer, you could ask for recommendations of a good dog field. Your vet might also be able to suggest some options locally. There are some hidden gems that you will only find out about through word of mouth and some owners only accept new customers by referral.

There are a very small number of councils that provide exclusive hire dog fields but more commonly these will be dog parks that are available on a non-exclusive basis.

There are some areas of the UK and Ireland where dog fields haven’t caught on yet and areas where planning permission is far more challenging to get. Also in urban areas like London, Central Birmingham and Manchester, pressures on land are such that dog fields aren’t an economically viable use of land.

There are now over 1500 dog fields in the UK and more opening weekly so if you can’t find one near you just yet, there will be one soon!

Why Should I Use A Dog Field?

There are a huge number of reasons that people use dog fields either regularly or occasionally – here are some of the most common:

There are many more reasons that people choose to use dog fields but it simply comes down to the security of knowing your dog cannot get out or come into contact with unknown dogs or people.

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4 Things You Should Know About Dog Walking Fields

BritishDogFields has established a code of conduct for dog field owners and reviews dog fields all across the UK and Ireland using very experienced dog field users and owners. All reviewed fields are assessed under a strict set of criteria.

If you are looking to open your own secure dog walking field and want to find out more, check out the Build a Field section on our website here.

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