What is a Dog Field Audit?

What is a Dog Field Audit?

A Dog Field Audit is a complete review of your dog field that results in a strategic plan to improve it – very simply the idea is to make the necessary adjustments to the field or the business in order to achieve the desired effect – whether that’s increased bookings, additional revenue, or even less hassle.

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, we can help.

Having launched a new dog field with 3 week advance sell out, survived intense local competition, economic pressures, and thrived by generating additional revenue streams, we can help reboot your dog field business with a programme we’ve called the Dog Field Audit

Why We Started Auditing Dog Fields

Funny story…. after I had visited a dog field, I used to reach out to the field owner with ‘feedback’. Well that was the fastest learning curve I’ve ever had!

It turns out people do not generally like unsolicited feedback or advice, especially when it comes from someone who has ‘reviewed’ their field and doesn’t necessarily understand their circumstances. And with hindsight, that’s fair.

What we do now is keep notes – things we’d change, tweak, add or take away to make a dog field and the business end better. That might be anything from major things like replacing unsuitable or damaged fencing to making a few tweaks the website to make it that much easier for people to book. That’s how the Dog Field Audit came about.

Now when we do a dog field audit, we do a much deeper dive which starts with understanding what the dog field owner actually wants to achieve and then we set about using all our experience to make that happen in an achievable way.

It turns out when people seek out your help, they’re much nicer to work with!

What happens as part of a Dog Field Audit:

  • 1 hour video call – learning where you’re at and where you want to be
  • 2 hour visit with you (field visit required – book on first video call)
  • Comprehensive individual project plan for your field with step by step strategy (Project Plan Workbook)
  • Week 4 video review call

If you’d like to book a dog field audit, improve your field, streamline your business and increase your revenue, you can start the ball rolling by booking your first consultation with us here.

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