Supporting Dog Field Owners

All dog field listings on the British Dog Fields website are FREE and always will be.

So now that plaster is ripped off, let’s work together!

We want to make sure everything on this website is up-to-date and accurate. Listings on the website come in three categories:

  1. Fields we’ve visited and reviewed in detail
  2. Fields we’ve researched and listed (not visited yet)
  3. Fields we’re waiting to list (and might not appear on the website at all)

If we’ve listed you – you can find it by searching using the filters, area, geolocating or by playing with the map here.

We’d like it if you can help us to keep your listing up to date by completing the List My Field form with all the information you can (choosing ‘updating’ or ‘new listing’).

Please try to complete the form fully – the information we ask for is important to dog owners looking for fields. If you have any issues completing the form, please email us.

Just as a note, we don’t list a field as ‘reactive friendly’ unless this has been verified by one of our team – this is by demand from our field users who have requested consistency. It’s not a reflection on your field!

In the next few weeks we’ll contact you about the 2023 Dog Field of the Year competition – here’s how it works.

British Dog Field of the Year Rules – It’s simple!

  • All dog fields are included
  • There’s no cost to anyone
  • One lucky voter will be selected at random to receive a complimentary session at the field of their choice – if it’s yours we’ll be in touch to pay you for this
  • This is a ‘People’s Vote’. It’s designed to celebrate Dog fields of all types, shapes, sizes and fence heights.
  • We ask that people vote only once (we do clean the votes where duplicates exist) and where you may have multiple fields, each field is listed separately – we will not combine your results. On balance, this is by far the fairest way of running the competition as most fields with multiple locations have a significantly larger customer base
  • Voting is via a Google Form – voters do not need a Google account to vote

Why Dog Field of The Year?

The ‘British Dog Field of the Year’ idea came about following a conversation with a regular field user who said she was still speaking to people who had never heard of dog fields and she thought a bit of a contest might raise the profile of all fields in her area.

She was right – we’ve been going county by county across the UK promoting dog fields as a concept and following each regional round, dog fields are reporting increased interest; more bookings; and inquiries from professional users looking to utilise secure spaces for their business.

Rising tides really do raise all ships.

We’ll tell you how you can get actively involved in the competition when we’re featuring your area.

And finally, making sure you get our emails!

Seeing as you’re here, I’m hoping that you’re keen to hear more from us!

I like to include photos in my emails as much as possible. In order to make sure you get these emails, you may need to tell your email service provider that they’re ‘not spam’ (by dragging them into your inbox or clicking the button at the top)

If this email went into your spam/ junk folder, be sure to click at the top the button which will say something like ‘not junk/ not spam’, otherwise you won’t get any of my future emails.

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Thanks again for being part of the British Dog Fields community!

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