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Felley Mill Lane South, Nottingham, NG16 5DQ


53.049883790161, -1.2837425397346


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October 18, 2022

Reactive Dog Friendly *

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6ft or 1.8m

Fencing notes

6ft, narrow aperture all the way to the base

Secure In-Field Parking

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Exclusive In-field Parking


In field


2 to 4 acres

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Fresh Water


From £6 / 30 minutes

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About This Field

‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ is a fabulous 2 acre secure dog field approximately 13 miles north west of central Nottingham and just 2 miles from the M1, Junction 27. This means that this field is not only really useful for users in surrounding towns and villages but also for anyone travelling up or down the country on the M1 motorway.

Booking and Accessing ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’

Booking is through a secure website and sessions are available to book in 30 minute or 1 hour slots. This field is particularly good for larger groups of dogs as they allow up to 14 days in any one booking.

Access is very easy off a single-ish track but be mindful that the gate is fairly close to the road so you may obstruct the road when you are opening or closing the gate.

You do have to open both gates if you have all but the smallest of cars and the gates need to be secured with a bungee but it appeared that there may be plans to set the gates better in the future as the hardcore surface looked newly deposited.

What is ‘Who Let The Dog Out’ Like?

‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ dog field is in a beautiful spot, surrounded by country views, forest and rolling hills. It is on the side of a gently sloping paddock with the car park area at the bottom.

The car parking area is open to the field (not air lock) and is a really good size with space for several cars.

The field itself has a lovely area for ball chucking and some really nicely designed basic (and manageable) agility activities.

There are several places to sit and water and waste disposal is available in the parking area.

Is ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ Secure?

This field is securely fenced to 6ft and also has weld mesh gates. There is high hedging on the sides that have road boundaries and also with the adjacent field which is home to alpacas.

There is one small area that utilises heras fencing in once corner (presumably for mowing access) but this was well secured and did not present any escape risk at the time we visited.

Things you should know about ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’

  • Because there is no secondary gate, we recommend locking yourself inside the main gates just in case a curious passer-by or inexperienced dog field users attempts to enter.
  • The surrounding countryside is beautiful and this field feels like a real retreat – especially for those who have been travelling long hours

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners:

This field is good in many ways for reactive dogs however there are alpaca in neighboring fields although at the time we visited, none of these were visible at dog height so were not a concern for us.

One thing to note is that the gate is close to the road and this track was used by a cyclist when we were in the field – ordinarily, the sight of someone passing (particularly on a bike) would cause a reaction but they were too busy playing on the equipment to notice.

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