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Lansbury Farm, St Neots Road, Abbotsley, St. Neots, PE19 6XH


52.204067752169, -0.2309999307587


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Field Details

Reactive Dog Friendly *

See Notes


5ft – 5ft11

Fencing notes

Very robust netting with top wires

Secure In-Field Parking


In-Field (caution small dogs)


2 to 4 acres

Secure Online Booking

Fresh Water


From £10 / hour

Buggy Accessible




About This Field

Top Dog Paddocks is located just 3 miles south of central St Neots in Cambridgeshire and just a few minutes off the main road from Bedford to Cambridge and then across to Norfolk.

Booking and Accessing Top Dogs Paddock

Booking is via a secure website and is very straight forward, using one of the most popular booking systems. Sessions are listed as 1 hour but if you have reactive dogs, it may be better to arrive a little after the start of your session and leave prior to the end to ensure you don’t come into contact with other users.

If you do arrive early, there is a parking area well out of the way for the enclosed parking for the field so you can keep tucked out of the way whilst the previous user leaves.

Access to this field is very easy – there is a big commercial entrance to a rural business / farm site and the paddock is clearly sign posted from the road side and when you enter.

What is Top Dog Paddocks Like?

Once you are inside the secure parking area there are three gates – but the one to use is clearly marked – there is an easy to use push button lock with an auto-close once you’re inside the field

The parking area itself is large and has plenty of room for several cars and to turn around. We visited on a warm day and there was an area of the car park which was shaded which meant that we could keep the car cool during our visit.

The water tap is located in the car park so we recommend bringing your own bowl and fill up before you enter the field where the gate closes behind you.

The field itself is a nice long paddock with a few large logs to play on and investigate. At the parking end of the field there is a shelter with a window allowing full view of the field, a picnic bench, the bins and a clock to remind you to keep an eye on the time.

This paddock is flat, suitable for buggies and possibly a robust wheelchair. The access is a wide pedestrian gate.

The length of the paddock means that there is plenty of space for a good run and ball chuck.

Is Top Dog Paddocks Secure?

This field has good quality fencing all round and is well installed. The net fencing itself is 5’3″ (at the point of measurement) and the height is topped up to just under 6ft using wire strands. As such, this field is classified as enclosed and not secure as the fencing is not continuous to 6ft but the quality of the fencing means that is suitable for all but the most agile dogs in terms of scaling a fence. For more information on Secure vs Enclosed’ Fields – Click here for a full explanation.

There are a few things we’d like to see addressed in terms of security:

  1. The parking area cannot be secured from the inside with a paddock or catch. Whilst it is unlikely, a person could come into the parking area whilst you are in the field
  2. There is a gap at the bottom of this main gate that a small dog could easily crawl under and so if you have escape artists, you may want to take them into the field on a lead from the car parking area
  3. There is also a gap (a little smaller) between the ground and the pedestrian gate – again, only an issue if you have smaller dogs but worth being aware of

A Few Things you should know about Top Dog Paddocks

  • This field is very easy to access and it’s proximity to a route that many people take for their holidays make it a great stop off
  • It’s a great size
  • It is level so really good for anyone who is not so sure on their feet and for older or infirm dogs

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners

  • The road is visible from the field which means that if you have a dog that is reactive to cars and bikes, they may see the activity on the road
  • On our visit, a car pulled up into the field adjacent to what may be an experimental planting area – this was only a few feet from the fence so it may be worth asking the field owner if this is likely to take place on your visit

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Something wrong?

If you have visited this field and something listed is incorrect, please get in touch via email.

* We only list fields as reactive friendly following a visit because reactivity means different things to different dogs! Details can be found on each review in the yellow section. Listed fields field may be suitable for reactive dogs, but we have just not had the chance to verify this.


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