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Shellgrove Farm, Horton-cum-Studley, Brill Road, OX33 1DE


51.820870961939, -1.1098231612291


Field Details

BDF Reviewed

Reactive Dog Friendly *

See notes


5ft – 5ft11

Fencing notes

Mix of solid feather board and post and net.

Secure In-Field Parking


For several cars


2 to 4 acres

Secure Online Booking

Fresh Water


From £10 (additional dogs +)

Buggy Accessible




About This Field

Oxford Dog Walking Field is a 3.5 acre enclosed grass paddock, 20 minutes drive from central Oxford.

There is also and Indoor Training Facility at the Oxford Dog Walking Field site.

Booking and Accessing Oxford Dog Walking Field

The gate from the road leads to a waiting area outside of the field – this is only visible through the gate as there is solid

Booking is very straight forward online and there is a charge if you intend to bring more than 2 dogs.

The field is grassy with some great things to play on – huge tractor tyres were a hit with our dogs!

There’s an enormous field shelter than gives full view of the paddock and also has fresh water, bowls and toys. A lovely touch is a basket of dog towels that you are welcome to use and take – very generous and excellent for anyone who turns up unprepared!

There is a poo bin by the gate and whilst the field is not marketed as drive-in, we couldn’t see a reason not to as the gate is wide and a large driveway inside the field itself. The field gate is padlocked with a chain.

Important things to note about this field:

Whilst the owners title this field is ‘secure’ we cannot add it to our list as our criteria states that a secure field must have suitable fencing to 6ft all-round. This field is 5ft in some places, two sides of the field are fenced with heras panel fencing in blocks – under which small dogs could escape. Parts of the rest of the fencing are a little cobbled together and those with a need for strong, secure 6ft fencing would not find this field suitable.

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  1. Catherine

    This place is absolutely amazing! What a great idea, both my dogs had a wonderful time here today! It’s clean, everything you could possibly need is provided! Will definitely be going here again. Will be great for training too!

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