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Soulbury Road, Stewkley, LU7 0HW


51.926277396102, -0.75439615968969

Field Details

BDF Reviewed

Reactive Dog Friendly *

See Notes


6ft or 1.8m

Fencing notes

Very small mesh and very thick gauge.

Secure In-Field Parking


Airlock In field


1 to 2 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

5 min

Fresh Water


From £6 / 30 minutes

Buggy Accessible

Max Number Dogs





About This Field

My Dog Run in Stewkley is a secure field, 10 miles from central Milton Keynes and 5 miles from Leighton Buzzard and whilst officially in Buckinghamshire, it’s really on the border of Bedfordshire and is accessible for people looking for secure dog parks in both counties.

Booking and Accessing My Dog Run (Stewkley)

Booking is via a secure website and is pretty straight forward – regular users of dog fields won’t be familiar with the system this field uses but it’s all easy to navigate. You have the option of 25 minutes and 55 minutes for your session with a 5 minute crossover between sessions.

Once you have booked your session, you will receive a booking confirmation via email with the code included.

Locating the field using the Google Map below or the What3Words link takes you to the entrance which has a sign and is easily visible from the road. You pull off the main road, stop in front of the gate where you can use the code to access the large car park.

There is a layby further up the road where you can remain out of sight until the previous users leave or stop in the village. As always, we strongly advise trying to avoid early arrival.

The parking has a full height fence to 6ft and there is plenty of room for turning.

Once inside, you can let your dogs out and access the field through another gate.

What is My Dog Run Stewkley Like?

My Dog Run in Stewkley is a paddock approximately 1.5 acres with a really nice feel. It has some lovely areas of natural enrichment with longer patches of chicory which also appeared around the edge of the field at the time of my visit (August). There are a few natural and agricultural play areas – and plenty to keep your dog or dogs busy for a 55 minute session.

There is a field shelter (welcome during the heat), a fresh water supply in the car park, and both a dog waste bin in the field and a general waste bin in the car park.

The field appears to be a section of a far larger field – there are two boundaries with mature hedgerows (one with the road) and two that look out over pasture.

The field is really easy to find and is in an excellent location.

Is My Dog Run in Stewkley Secure?

This field has good quality fencing all round – the gauge of wire is a thicker mesh and the mesh itself has small holes (50mm square almost to the top). The fence isn’t completely flush with the ground in all areas so if you have a very small dog that is very determined to escape, you might want to take a long line.

The only real area of concern is that this field owner clearly has a few digging customers or some wildlife to contend with so there are occasional areas around the fencing that have been blocked with bricks and stones – as always, make sure a field is secure before letting your dogs off the lead.

A Few Things you should know about My Dog Run Stewkley

  • The field has a great parking area and you are allowed to bring up to 8 dogs so this is a good field to visit with friends
  • This field has been set up within a livestock field so if you have a dog that is reactive to livestock, this needs to be considered (see below)
  • My Dog Run also has a site at Ridgmont

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners

  • The position of this field within a livestock field means that there is a possibility of animals at the fence – there were sheep in the field when I visited but they were well back from the fence line – the sheep were completely unaffected by their presence and remained far enough away that my dogs did not react (they might normally)
  • The road is visible from the car park and the gate is not screened in anyway so if you have movement / car reactive dogs, you may want to keep them on a lead until you have accessed the main field area

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1 review for “REVIEW: My Dog Run, Stewkley

  1. Helen Puddefoot

    The field would be great but there are issues with no space between bookings meaning that if the person before you is late you miss some of your own slot. I had this happen to me numerous times. It’s also sadly one of the fields which often people don’t pick up their poo in so many times I’ve had to clear some off my show. It’s a shame because with a better changeover and more care re the poop it would be fabulous as the space is great and parking really handy. It also floods quite a lot in heavy rain so I’ve stopped using it quite so much

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