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About This Field

Merlin’s Meadow Tewksbury is a secure dog walking field just a mile outside Tewksbury itself and only 3 miles from the M5 Junction 9. It is very conveniently located for both locals and anyone travelling too or from the South West and Wales.

This dog park is over 16 acres and is one of a few in the UK of this size secured to 6ft.

Booking and Accessing Merlin’s Meadow

To book Merlin’s Meadow in Tewksbury you have to contact the owner directly by text or via Facebook messenger. Because of the popularity of this, and their second field Redmarley, you will need to book well in advance if you have a specific time slot you would like.

Payment is made via BACS and your booking is held for 6 hours to allow you to make payment.

We had a very good experience with the owner who went over and above to accommodate an unexpected change of plans and honoured our booking which was really kind and appreciated.

Once we’d booked we received information about how to find the field via Facebook Message but the location was very easy to find using the pin in Google Maps (below).

The field is very easy to find, just a few hundred metres off a main road – you pull off the lane, across a small bridge where you can get out of the car to open the 6ft mesh gate. This gate is secured with an easy to use padlock – you will receive the code when you book.

Once inside, there is plenty of parking contained within a fenced area (4ft) which allows you some control of excited dogs prior to entering the field.

What is Merlin’s Meadow Tewksbury like?

This dog park is made up of two adjoining fields over 16 acres and is flat, moderately rough ground. In the car park there is water and a container of tennis balls. Despite the wet weather recently (mid January visit), this field was really quite dry and the heavily walked areas around the gates were well protected with gravel and matting to make sure you do not have to endure a muddy assault course before entering the field!

Once in the field you will find a shelter and some play equipment in the far corner of the first field.

There are two large 6ft vehicle gates in the distance that separate the two fields – I was not expecting these and as I could see they were both wide open, I was initially alarmed because I had no idea whether these allowed the dogs outside of the secure area. This is not the case as they connect two fields that make up the secure area. I would recommend closing these for the benefit of users after you who might have the same concern or may want to keep their dogs in sight.

The second field, beyond the gates is smaller and has a ditch that runs through it which provided lots of interest for the dogs.

There is a vast amount of space for running about and the large acreage is a rare treat for regular dog field users.

The backdrop to the fields is really lovely with views out across Gloucestershire and it does feel very rural despite being very close to a town.

Is Merlin’s Meadow Tewksbury Secure?

The fencing at Merlin’s Meadow Tewksbury is 6ft all round, the entrance gate is very sturdy and the remoteness from any visible distractions make it very peaceful – especially for those who have dogs that react to everyday countryside distractions like livestock.

There are some things that users should be aware of prior to visiting, especially those with dogs that dig, are small burrowers, or are very interested in wildlife.

The 6ft height is achieved by tight gauge deer fencing of approximately 5ft with the addition of a high tensile wire at the top and bottom of the fence. In places, there were small holes at the bottom of the fence that whilst not an issue for us with mid-sized dogs that do not dig, could present a concern for small working breeds like miniature dachshunds.

The fence was very overgrown in places and there was evidence of very recent burrowing activity, very close to the fence line. This meant that is was impossible to see that the fence was intact along the entire perimeter with several feet of vegetation obstructing the view (but certainly no issue for a dog to get through). Whilst this may not be an issue for most users, it is something that a few readers should be aware of.

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners:

There were no obvious triggers anywhere in the area of the field when we visited. There is a country road that runs along one boundary but the noise was barely audible and there was no visible livestock in any adjacent fields. The parking is set back from the road so no visible traffic. This field is very good for reactive dogs if the fencing is suitable.

Terms and Conditions of using Merlin’s Meadows:

We are listing these here because of the booking mechanism – as you do not receive an email with these detailed, or formally agree to business terms when booking, we wanted to highlight the owners requirements when visiting.

  • All dog waste must be bagged and binned (bins are provided).
  • All dogs must be up to date with their worming, flea and tick treatments.
  • Payments are non-refundable and must be paid to confirm the booking.
  • Early arrivals must stay in the waiting area until the agreed start time. Please stay in the car with the dogs so not to upset dogs already in the fields.
  • Please park in the inner carpark whilst using the fields. This ensures dogs cannot escape.
  • Late arrivals will still need to vacate the field by the agreed time.
  • On leaving the field you must lock the gate, even if someone is in the waiting area.
  • All fencing is at least 6ft. If your dog can jump higher than 6ft, I cannot accept responsibility for escapees.
  • Please report any issues that arise when using the fields to myself.
  • If your dog digs any holes around the boundary, please fill them in before leaving.
  • Only well socialised dogs may book on the group slot.
  • If you have booked the group slot and your dog attacks a person or dog, or in the event that he/she is involved in a fight, you agree to be responsible for any injuries incurred.
  • You are responsible for your dogs safety whilst using the fields. I cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury.
  • I cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles whilst onsite. Do lock yourself in the field when walking.
  • Bookings are up to four dogs from the same family for £15 then £3 each extra for any more you own.

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