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The Old Kennels, Metheringham Heath Lane, Lincoln, LN4 2AJ


53.130924458724, -0.47854714240707


Field Details

BDF Reviewed

Reactive Dog Friendly *

See notes in review.

Single field site


5ft – 5ft11

Fencing notes

5ft – see description for details.

Parking Arrangements

Parking outside field gate


Private off road parking


1 to 2 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers


Fresh Water


From £3

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Buggy Accessible




BDF Accredited

About This Field

Meg K9 Paddock is a lovely enclosed exercise paddock just 10 miles south of central Lincoln. This 1 acre paddock is surrounded by countryside views and is nicely maintained by it’s owner who lives on site.

Booking and Accessing Meg K9, Metheringham

Booking is via a secure website and is very straight forward – there is lots of useful information on the website for first time visitors including a really helpful walk-though video (below) and communication from the owner is excellent.

You can book sessions 35 minutes (double up if you want a longer session) and a buffer is in place to ensure that users don’t crossover in the car park or when entering or leaving the field.

What is Meg K9 Like?

The first thing I noticed about Meg K9 field is that it feels far bigger than one acre. Because it has a slight incline and is rectangular in shape, there is a huge length to throw a ball whilst still having space for enrichment and play areas.

The field itself is set back from the property and you access it by driving from the road into a dedicated parking area. You can close the main gate behind you here. Rather than describe how you enter the field, take a look at the video below where the owner explains exactly how you use the field.

Once inside the field you’ll find well maintained grass that’s cut short so great for smaller dogs. The ground is even and easy to negotiate for anyone not steady on their feet and is perfect for training.

There are a number of agricultural enrichment areas to play on and explore and a picnic bench so you can take in the view. One important aspect of this field is that you can see the entire field so your dog will always be in view but you can be assured of the fence integrity as the owner checks it at least once a day and often more as this is where she exercises her own dogs.

There is also some perimeter solar lighting for dawn and dusk sessions.

fresh water is available in a water container that is refilled daily and there is a poo bin at the gate.

This paddock is well suited for professional dog walkers and trainers – there is sufficient parking to accommodate groups if organised in advance with the owner and the orientation and size of the field make it a great space for formal training classes.

What is the fencing like at Meg K9 Paddock?

Meg K9 Paddock is classified as enclosed – it has good quality fencing all round, the fence is visible in all areas down to the ground.

There is 5ft fencing all round and one boundary has a thick hedge behind. These fences are surrounded by a field margin (dense environmental planting in summer) and the land adjoining is arable so no concerns about livestock.

A Few Things you should know about Meg K9 Paddock

  • This field is owned and run by Sarah who lives on site which gives people the security they can call on someone if they need help
  • The entrance from the main road is discrete so use the What3Words link to locate it or you might miss it and have to do a lap around the block! This does however mean that unlike some fields, you do not get passers-by having a nose which is important for those with reactive dogs

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners

  • This field is lovely and secluded but may not be suitable for dogs that are reactive to other dogs. The owner keeps her own dogs out of sight when the field is in use but you may hear some barking from the house
  • Because the surrounding fields are arable, there will be times where there is farm machinery operating close by and there may be bird scarers at certain times of year – check with Sarah before you book if any of these things are a concern

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  1. Marvin

    Such a great place for your dogs to run and play no worrying about other people or animals and you know your dogs are safe from traffic so you can relax aswell 10 out of 10 for meg k9

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