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Welsh Road East, Southam, Leamington Spa, CV47 1NF


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May 30, 2024

Reactive Dog Friendly *

See ‘Notes for Reactive Dog Owners’

Single field site


Over 6ft

Secure In-Field Parking

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Exclusive In-field Parking


Available for 1 car in the field


4 to 10 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers


Fresh Water


From £5/ 30 minutes

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About This Field

Highfields Hounds is a 6 acre ridge and furrow field located on a working farm just outside of Southam in Warwickshire. This field is about 8 miles from Leamington Spa and 11 miles from Daventry. It has 1.9m fencing with extra rabbit netting at the base so is suitable for most dogs.

Booking and Accessing Highfield Hounds

When you book a session at Highfields Hounds you can select from a variety of durations and start times as well as having to option to ‘bulk-buy’ sessions to benefit from a discount. I made the mistake of mis-typing my email address which only became apparent when I didn’t receive any booking notifications. After a bit of head scratching by me and the owner, we figured it out and it was easy to fix through my ‘account’ on the website – a reminder that tech issues are nearly always user error!

The access is pretty straight forward and we suggest you use the What3Words locator or the Google pin for this field on this page as the postcode doesn’t bring you to the gate.

You will need to pull off the main road and open (and close) a farm gate before you drive up towards the dog field gate. There is a bit of jumping in and out of your vehicle, but this is a working farm with livestock so it is very important you follow instructions.

The field gate opens towards you so leave enough room. It’s worth turning around before you close the gate (especially if you have a van) so exiting is easy at the end of your session. Realistically, this field only has room for 1 vehicle.

The gate is secured with a combination padlock that you can use to lock yourself into the field.

What is Highfields Hounds Dog Field Like?

Highfields Hounds is a big open space almost entirely surrounded by mature hedgerow with the exception of the side with the entrance gate.

The field itself is gentle ridge and furrow and scattered around are some agricultural enrichment features like tyres and a log jump.

Near the middle of the field there is a fenced pond area. Once inside, the edges are slopped reasonably gently to allow easy entry and exit and the pond edge is lined with athletic track surface.

There is a fresh running water tap and there are multiple poo bins around the field for convenience.

Dotted around the field are some activities – large tractor tyres, a mound with a tunnel and a few other bits for interest.

Is Highfields Hounds Dog Field Secure?

The fencing at Highfields Hounds is a 1.9m high tensile fence with some extra rabbit netting at the bottom (and turned in) making it suitable for even the smallest dogs.

The gate has some added security preventing dogs escaping between the fence and the posts.

The ponds is well secured to prevent unauthorised dog access too!

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners:

  • This is a working farm and whilst almost invisible through the hedge, our dogs were aware of cattle in the adjoining field – this would only be a concern to a highly cattle reactive dog as they could only hear and smell them.
  • There is no buffer here so if you are concerned about meeting other users, you may wish to arrive a little late and leave a little early

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