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Banningham, Aylsham


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Reactive Dog Friendly *

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Single field site



Fencing notes

Stock netting with top rail

Secure In-Field Parking


1 or 2 spaces in the field on matting


4 to 10 acres

Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers



From £10/ 30 minutes

Regular User Discounts

Max Number Dogs

None listed




About This Field

High Oaks Dog Field is a large field located few miles outside the town of Aylsham in Norfolk. At 7 acres, it offers plenty of space to run.

Booking and Accessing High Oaks Dog Field

Booking is through a secure website and sessions of both 30 minutes and 1 hour are available.

Access is just off the main road from Cromer to Aylsham. This road is relatively narrow but has passing places if you approach from the opposite direction from the village of Banningham.

You can pull off the road up to the gate. There’s a padlock on this gate and an area of matting (1 maybe 2 cars) where you can park directly inside the field.

What is High Oaks Dog Field Like?

High Oaks dog field is a large flat field surrounded by arable land and fenced to 4ft around the perimeter with stock fence and a timber top rail. The gate however is not entirely secure and as it leads directly onto the road, this field may not be suited to dogs that look for escape routes.

The field is flat and has a few obstacles.

Is High Oaks Dog Field Secure?

This field is fenced to 4ft with stock type fencing so has larger spaces between the wires – whilst this is suitable for a lot of dogs, smaller dogs may find it easy to get out.

The gate is the weak point and even thought the road outside is small, it’s relatively busy and there is another access immediately opposite which was used several times during our visit.

Things you should know about High Oaks Dog Field

  • The field is flat so relatively easy to walk around but a little rough under foot so may not be suitable if you’re bringing a buggy or wheelchair
  • At the time of our visit, this field was £10 for 30 minutes and £15 for 1 hour although there are some packages available for regular users that bring the per session price down

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners:

  • Despite being in a rural location, there were a number of distractions around this field – there was a fair amount of visible road traffic and there were hares in the surrounding fields which may affect dogs with high prey drive
  • The gate was a cause of concern for me and I kept my dogs on a long line during our visit for these reasons
  • There was no crossover / buffer time included in the session so those want to ensure they do not come into contact with other dogs should arrive a little late and depart early

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