REVIEW: Glanwin Meadow Finmere



Banbury Road, Finmere, Buckingham, MK18 4AQ


51.988792108462, -1.0777175833252


Field Details

BDF Reviewed


6ft or 1.8m


Just outside the field – lots of additional parking


Up to 1 acre

Secure Online Booking

Fresh Water


From £7/ 30 minutes £10/ 1 hr (£+ extra dogs)

Buggy Accessible


About This Field

Glanwin Meadow is a great place to bring your dogs of you’re looking for an accessible, flat grassy paddock that benefits from 6ft fencing. Located just outside Finmere (off the A421), between Buckingham and Brackley, it’s also a stone’s throw from Bicester.

This field is an acre – long enough to wang a ball and has some fun activities to try out – jumps and weave poles.

You park outside the field (closer parking is possible when not muddy) and then walk your dogs to the gate which is secured with a padlock. You could reverse to the gate to make life easier if you are managing more than one bouncy escape artist solo! (Plans to enclose the parking are afoot).

Once inside you can be very relaxed, whatever size your dog as the fencing is a very thick, narrow gauge wire so even the smallest, wriggliest dogs would have a job to escape! The base of the fence is secured with wooden boarding which deters diggers and offers really good peace of mind.

Lovely spot for a blast and great for training dogs to focus with distractions around which is rare for a very secure field.

This field also benefits from flood lighting – great for anyone looking for early and late sessions.

Sessions are in 30 minute and 1 hours sessions and online booking is simple. There is an extra charge for more than 4 dogs.

Reactive Dog Owners: The secure field is surrounded by activity and so if you have particularly reactive dog, this might be one to miss. The adjacent field did not have livestock in when we were there but looks to be used as a pony paddock and the field beyond has horses in it. On the nearside, there is an enclosed area with agility equipment and is a formal training facility (check the website for times when it will be in use) and at the far end, there is sight of a livery yard which has lots going on.

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