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Shepshed, Loughborough, LE12 9YD


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BDF Reviewed

Reactive Dog Friendly *

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5ft – 5ft11

Fencing notes

5ft stock fence with top line

Secure In-Field Parking


1 enclosed space and additional parking overlooking the field


2 to 4 acres

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Fresh Water


From £4.50/ 30 minutes

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About This Field

Gilbert’s Gallop is series of enclosed paddocks set over 1.5 acres situated approximately 11 miles north west of central Leicester. It’s very easy to access from the M1 so great for anyone on the move looking for a stop off.

Updated: 10/02/23

Booking and Accessing Gilbert’s Gallop

Booking is through a secure website – there are various options to add additional households, early-riser discounts and package offers.

You access the field from the main farm track which is signposted from the road and turn left as you enter the yard. Here there is parking outside the field (location specified in the terms and conditions) and also space for one car inside an enclosed pen. Just be aware that because the gate opens inwards, you need to drive fully in to ensure you can close the gate behind you. Double check the space if you have a long wheel based vehicle.

There is a combination lock on the first gate and the option to lock yourself into the fields on the secondary pedestrian gate which I would recommend using.

What is Gilbert’s Gallop Like?

Gilbert’s Gallop is a series of interlinked paddocks on the edge of a farm complex with one large play area, an area dedicated to good quality agility equipment and a separate area that has a mound overlooking the pony fields. You have access to all three areas for your booking and can restrict access to the mounded area should you wish.

The fencing is 5ft stock fencing with the addition of a top line so may be unsuitable for small dogs so I recommend a perimeter walk in this field (as with all fields) prior to letting your dogs run free.

There is plenty of enrichment (see photos) with hay bales and jumps in the main area as well as plenty of dog waste bins and fresh water available from containers. There was plenty to keep the dogs interested without having to reach for a ball!

The agility area is comprehensive and if your dog is not experienced I would suggest that you avoid this as some of the equipment is quite big.

The mound offers lovely views and the position of the field is gorgeous – surrounded by trees and hedges.

One feature we were concerned about was the addition of two large, low trampolines with exposed metal springs. The existence of these is highlighted in the terms and conditions however, having not experienced this type of thing before and being excited, both of our dogs jumped on and slid across the surface catching their feet in the springs. I would have preferred these items not to have been a free-access item so that I could have controlled their access to them.

Is Gilbert’s Gallop Secure?

The fencing at Gilbert’s Gallop is 5ft with a top line. It’s made up of two lengths of stock fencing in many places and is not under tension. Whilst this is suitable for many dogs, this is not considered secure by our definition (see home page for definitions).

Things you should know about Gilbert’s Gallop

  • This field is excellent for dogs who have some experience with agility as there’s a lot to get stuck into
  • The location is super for locals but also for anyone travelling on the M1 as a stop off

Notes for Reactive Dog Owners:

This field has some things that owners of reactive dogs and escape artists should be aware of:

  • The field is surrounded by pony paddocks with shared fence boundaries – with the ponies were placid, our dogs did react to them as they were very close to the fence
  • The field is on a working farm with traffic passing on a track and on the main road outside – this is obscured by hedges but in autumn when the hedges have died back a little, there was noise and movement
  • Check the fencing carefully if you have escape artisits



1 review for “REVIEW: Gilbert’s Gallop, Shepshed

  1. Ian Webb

    Time at the site was excellent access was easy and well explained. The dog had a great time, I will certainly book some more visits.
    My only concern is the electronic booking system I have tried today to book more
    Slots but have not managed too due to the system this is very frustrating. But otherwise great.

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