Dog Exercise Paddock, Worcester **REVIEW**



Whittington Road, Worcester, WR5 2RA


52.17357919053, -2.1842729925712

BDF Accredited

BDF Reviewed

Reactive Dog Friendly *


6ft or 1.8m

Fencing notes


1 to 2 acres


Secure Online Booking

Buffer between customers

Fresh Water


Private gated area with parking outside the field


From £12/ 50 mins

Regular User Discounts

Buggy Accessible

Max Number Dogs




* We only list fields as reactive friendly following a visit because reactivity means different things to different dogs! Details can be found on each review in the yellow section. Listed fields field may be suitable for reactive dogs, but we have just not had the chance to verify this.

About This Field

The Dog Exercise Paddock in Worcester is just minutes from the M5 (J7) and very convenient not only for locals but also anyone travelling to or from the south west and Wales on holiday. This is a secure 1.25 acre paddock.

Access to the Field

This field is accessed from a main road into Worcester but has plenty of space to pull off and park out of sight, even if you are a few minutes early. The parking situation needs a little clarification as on the website as it states the parking is ‘infield’ – it is in fact within the main field, behind a coded entry gate but not within the secured area, therefore, you need to get your dogs out on a lead and take them into the secure field. This posed no issue for us as there was plenty of space to park right up to the gate and safely get our dogs into the field. If permitted, there is space for several cars in this area.

The gates are secured with a key that is in a secure key box, accessed by the code given when you book. The key box can be a little fiddly to manage, especially with wet hands or if you have dexterity issues and this needs to be navigated for each of two gates to reach the field. We are always wary of these type of gates as it would be very easy for keys to get misplaced or accidentally taken but both were locked in the box on our visit.

The Field and Fencing

The fencing is rigid wire mesh fencing with metal stakes so very robust from top to bottom. Once this type of fencing is installed, it never quite sits at 6ft in height but it is less than a few centimetres off all round this field.

The field is rough cut grass and a little undulating giving it some character. There is a seating area and a water bowl provided. You can collect water from a supply tough outside the field and the dog poo bin is also located outside of the field in the parking area.

The only slightly odd thing about this field is a shelter positioned outside of the fencing, described as a viewing area. This seems odd as we would never encourage owners to be outside of the secure area, leaving their dogs inside but this may be there for some other reason.

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1 review for “Dog Exercise Paddock, Worcester **REVIEW**

  1. Jackie Allen

    Used the dog exercise field today. Great facility. A good field to train your dog in. Shame other users don’t feel responsible enough to pick up after their dogs. Spoils it for others users.

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