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Are you looking to improve your dog field?

The Dog Field industry is relatively new and going through a crazy rate of change. During and immediately following covid lockdown, there was a huge spike in new fields opening and without regulation to follow, there has been a spectacularly wide range of fields opening.

In the last year we’ve been inundated with requests from dog field owners asking for help – questions like:

  • How can I go about getting retrospective planning permission?
  • I’ve had a drop in bookings, what can I do?
  • I want to make my field more appealing, what’s most important?

With most of our clients, we show them the importance of going back to basics. In an increasingly competitive environment, you need to have your foundations in place. A great field is only the beginning.

We want all dog fields to be amazing places that provide brilliant facilities for dog owners and a great income for their operators so mid way through last year, we started building a range of courses to support dog field owners, looking to improve their facilities and maximise the income they can get from their fields.

Here you’ll find our suite of online courses and resources to help you improve your field, your marketing, navigate challenges, and future-proof your field for the changes coming in the industry.

Back to Basics Courses

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