BDF Accreditation

BDF Accreditation

There is more to establishing a secure dog walking facility than many think and in recent years, landowners with redundant fields or marginal plots of land have capitalised on growing demand for private dog walking spaces.

British Dog Fields was established to help dog owners locate suitable, safe and insured fields to exercise their dogs, whether they are looking for a high level of security, or simply an enclosed private space to let their dogs run free.

As an industry, we have a collective responsibility to ensure that a ‘secure dog field’ means something – that the field is secure; is safe; is regularly inspected; and meets certain standards that dog owners take for granted. This is why we started The British Dog Fields Accreditation Scheme.

This accreditation scheme aims to support those businesses that operate at the highest levels, ensuring that these facilities represent a gold standard – offering excellent customer service and adhere to good business practice.

How to Apply for Accreditation

All accredited fields listed on this site have fulfilled a set of criteria and are inspected to ensure they continue to meet these standards. The process is simple and once approved, gives members access to a range of benefits which include featured listings on the website directory, discounted products and services, and permits them to carry the certified seal on their advertising and marketing materials.

  • Our friendly team will arrange a field survey. This is designed to verify the information you have supplied and is on your public profiles
  • Your surveyor, Hannah, will complete a report which will be sent to you and if all is well, your accreditation pack. Like an MOT, we will notify you of any advisories that we would require you to address before accreditation is awarded. This may be as simple as a gap in the fencing or a poisonous plant that has gone unnoticed.
  • Your field will be listed as an accredited facility and promoted online in our directory and through our social media channels.

During your visit you’ll have to opportunity to raise any concerns you have or pick Hannah’s brain on how to improve bookings or make your field more attractive. Having visited over 100 fields around the UK, Hannah has a wealth of experience you can draw on during your visit.

If you’re interested in applying for accreditation, simply contact us to set up an accreditation visit or to discuss how accreditation will help you and your field.


How much does accreditation cost?

Accreditation is currently priced at £525 (plus travel costs). There is an annual renewal fee of £250 (plus travel costs) for your follow up field inspection. Accreditation prices will go up as membership grows to accommodate the administration costs and the scale of managing the scheme for the benefit of all members.

What does the survey fee cover?

The survey fee covers administration, your initial inspection and follow up inspection if required. It also covers the placement of your featured listing in the directory and social media promotion. You will also receive a pack of digital assets to use and a beautiful plaque that you can proudly display in your field.

You also have the opportunity to consult Hannah on any challenges your may be experiencing or discuss expansion during your visit.

What is the surveyor looking for?

You can view or download the list of things we look at during an accreditation visit here.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact Hannah to discuss accreditation by email.